Dienstag, 20. April 2010


Following a piece of advice from a friend not to post too much, today I will only let you know that I won't be leaving this country quite so soon. Smarter people than me might have already guessed that this would happen, but - more fool me - I remained hopeful. But today Ryanair cancelled my flight on Saturday due to the demonic Icelandic ash cloud and no one knows when schedules will be back to normal. Thankfully, I'm not yet paying rent in London.


  1. We got emails from Lufthansa an Germanwings that their schedules are back to normal already. Don't know about Ryanair, but if they're still not leaving the ground, they're just paranoid. As I said before.. I don't get it!

  2. no, it's just that flight schedules can't go back to normal until all the planes are back where they belong, so it could take a while. Nonetheless Ryanair is again top of the list of airlines that care f*** all about the rights of their passengers.